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Heaven Burr


UI / UX Designer
Illustration BA
Dog lover

I love designing great experiences for the everyday. 

My strengths in illustration and visual design ensure that quality is always present, and only adds to the integrity of what I produce. I create not only for visual delight, but for ease of use - always considering the needs of the user. I believe that good design doesn't just apply to expensive products, but to everyday people and everyday experiences.

There are problems to be solved, and I want to be working to solve them, with care and integrity.



Let's talk - I'd love to hear from you.

SKILLS :                                         EXPERIENCE:

UI/UX                                            RAPID PROTOTYPING
User Research                             PAPER PROTOTYPING
Graphic Design                            USER INTERVIEWS
Illustration                                COGNITIVE WALKTHROUGHS
Sketch                                          WIREFRAMES
Adobe Creative Suite                   DESIGNING FOR MOBILE
+ more                                          MARKETING / PRODUCTION DESIGN

 Resume here.